ICBC Approved GLP Course

ICBC Approved GLP Course

Why You Should Undertake Your ICBC Approved GLP Course At Our Driving School

Do you intend to undertake an ICBC approved GLP course? If yes, then we can be of help to you. We are an ICBC approved driving school, and we also licensed under the motor vehicle act. In addition, we provide lessons on GLP courses.

Apart from getting an ICBC approved GLP course with us, there are numerous other advantages or benefits that you can enjoy when you take your driving lessons or training with us. Some of these advantages are:

Working with students’ schedule

We take our students very seriously. We provide an enabling environment for them to be able to achieve their aim of taking driving lessons with us. We can work with students’ schedule. We can offer pick up and drop off assistance to our students. That is, we pick them from wherever they are, take them driving, and then take them back home or their interested location after the driving session of the day. This is a very convenient method of having their lessons. In fact, it is not only convenient, it is also fun. For this reason, we have become the recommended choice of a driving school among our students.

We provide Certifications

If you must secure a license to drive then you need an acceptable and approved certification. And with us, you can get this certificate. We provide you with the lessons required to take your GLP course. And upon graduation, you will also get a gift certificate from us.

We provide One on One lessons only

You may have come across driving schools that offer driving lessons to more than one person at a time. Well, this is what makes us different from our competitors in the industry. We do not teach more than one person at a time. In fact, we offer only one-on-one driving sessions, and we have numerous driving instructors and a lot of vehicles. So, you would not have to wait in line. All you have to do is to register or apply for your driving lessons and start taking your lessons immediately.

We use only SUVs for our driving lessons

We make use of only SUVs for our driving lessons, which make it easier for our graduates to be able to drive all types of vehicle brands and models.

Also, all our vehicles are insured and inspected yearly. We understand that faulty and/or malfunctioning vehicles can hinder or affect the learning process of students. Therefore, we have decided to carry out regular maintenance services of our vehicles to keep our vehicles in excellent conditions.

The bottom line is that our vehicles are all in perfect conditions because they are well-maintained.

We have teaching experience

We are very experienced at providing driving lessons. We have been providing this service for over five decades which makes us a top driving school. So, when you are talking about driving schools that are experienced at providing lessons for an ICBC approved GLP course then reference should be made about us because we have paid our dues in the driving school industry with our wealth of experience.

Furthermore, we urge you to allow us to provide all-round driving lessons and support for you if you want to secure a recognized certificate for your driver’s license.


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