Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What hours do you operate

9am to 9pm 7 days a week

Do I need to book my own road test?

No, we will book your road test

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we work on weekends.

How much driving experience do you have?

Over 50 years.

Can I be picked up at school, home or work?

Yes, we will pick you up from any of those locations.

What kind of cars do you operate?

Toyota Rav 4S.

Do you give lessons to seniors?

Yes, we give lessons to all ages.

Is your school certified?

Yes, we are certified under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Is your school bonded?

Yes, the Prince George Driving School is bonded.

Do you offer "one on one" lessons?

We only offer “one on one” lessons.

Are your vehicles inspected and insured as per driving school requirements?

Yes, our vehicles are insured to their maximum insurance and inspected yearly.

We pick up & drop off our students from home, work or school. We work around our students schedule